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Why Has My Doctor Not Told Me About Cellgevity?

Why haven’t I been told by my Doctor about Cellgevity? What a good question — now if you ask any Doctor that went for medical training before the 1980s, you’ll most likely be greeted with a blank stare. Yet, there are over 140,000 scientific reviews on glutathione that have been published in the US public medical library to date. No offense to your practitioner, but they simply don’t have time to keep up with everything.

Although it’s interesting to note, how they miraculously seem to whip out little sample boxes of pills (otherwise known as antidepressants) at the drop of hat. Surely pharmaceutical companies aren’t handing out kickbacks to doctors for marketing addictive substances!?

And as for Cellgevity, if your doctor hasn’t taken the time to keep up with the latest in glutathione technology, it’s unlikely that he or she is going to know anything about the latest scientific breakthroughs. It’s also a widely known fact that out of the 4+ years spent in medical school, only a few weeks are dedicated to nutrition and naturally available alternatives.




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