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Zugacoin gains more grounds in Nigerian market as means of transaction

Many people have commenced accepting ZUGACOIN for goods and services across Nigeria based on the light they received from the live broadcast by Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga for the past 3 days.

Archbishop Sam Zuga the first professor of digital economy and the founder of the Africa’s first Crypocurrency, Zugacoin revealed that transacting with the digital money comes in three different categories of Merchants in Samzuga ecosystem which are PREMIUM, REGISTERED & VERIFIED MERCHANTS.

The Cleric who is a serial entrepreneur explained in details the three categories and how they work.

These are people who would be accepting ZUGACOIN for goods and services without any form of registration both online and offline. They can just print a banner and put in their business place with an inscription of ZUGACOIN ACCEPTED HERE. This can be done anywhere in the world without regulations. It all depends on how much ZUGACOIN and the type of ZUGACOIN he or she has decided to accept for his or her goods and services.

These are people who paid money to the company’s account, forwarded payment proof to the number that was published and received a temporary code, as soon as they received an information on what to do to get an automated code, they will be waiting for the training on how to get 5% on top of any product he or she sold in ZUGACOIN. Such a person can begin as a PREMIUM MERCHANT pending the time such process would be completed. Some people who paid online and did their registration are also in this category.

When the informations of both 1&2 are uploaded, their Know Your Customer (KYC) documents and Customer Due Dilligence (DDD) documents are completed and verified by the technical team in such a way that, by one click, you will be able to see all verified merchants in the locality or the neighborhood of the person who is searching for ZUGACOIN Merchant, that is when a Merchant is considered to be a VERIFIED MERCHANT.

Accepting ZUGACOIN for goods and services is for your own advantage, you are not doing anyone a favor. Very soon, ZUGACOIN will become hot cake in Nigeria and Africa, you that accumulated ZUGACOIN enough will be on advantage that time.

There is no magic that can stabilize Fiat Currency in Nigeria and Africa any time soon. ZUGACOIN is the only hope and the way forward in Nigeria and African Financial Revolution. Believe it now or regret later.

Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga.”

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