Medical Services: POCTs

Desol Mobilemed offers a wide range of medical services for Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, HMOs, etc.
1. Medical Services: Point of Care Tests (POCT) services with reports such as ECG, Doppler, D.Dimer, INR monitor,BM,Total Cholesterol , H Pylori,Fecal occult blood. We also check vital signs like BP,Pulse, Sats, Urinalysis e.t.c free.
NB: All our equipment/testing kits are user’s friendly and can be handled by Doctors/Nurses. Our staff are also trained to use them and will assist.
2. Laboratory Services: We’re partners with Standard Laboratories where your samples can be processed with Hematology and Biochemistry Analyzers to get more reliable results at a fair cost . The report will be on your own request form.
Just contact us for price, make the payment, we will collect the sample(s) and get report to you ASAP.
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For more information, call/whatsapp 08186899594


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