Deficiency of Glutathione has been linked to being the major cause of arthritis and other body pains like Back pains, Waist pains, Headaches, Migraines, Stomach pains, Ulcer, Chest pains, Menstrual pains, Joint pains (Knee, Ankle, Neck, shoulder, fingers, leg) Pains from Fatigue & Stress, etc…
When the tissues or organs in your body are feeling discomfort as a result of the damage caused by free radicals, toxins or infection, your nerves (cells that help your body send and receive information) send millions of messages to your brain about what’s going on. Your brain then makes you feel pain. Pain is a symptom, it is not the problem itself. The underlying damages are what you need to fight against.
Cellgevity has been scientifically proven to be 300% better than the best alternative in raising glutathione levels in the body.
Once your glutathione level is optimized, your body cells regain their healing abilities to correct the disorder causing the pains.
Price list of Cellgevity
1 bottle…₦8,000
2 bottles… ₦16,000
3 bottles…₦24,000
4 bottles (A pack)…₦28,000
6 bottles (A pack & 2 bottles)…₦39,000
8 bottles (Two packs)…₦52,000
Call/WhatsApp: 08186899594 to make you order
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