Desol Medical Solutions is a medical equipment service provider whereby we help medical/health practitioners get equipment for their hospitals/clinics or diagnostic centers both new and used.

A good relationship had been built over the years with HilditchUk where used medical equipment is auctioned and in good working condition. We also source for new medical equipment for our clients on request.

We advise our clients to:

  1. Register with Hilditch so as to get newsletters
  2. Sales, done online due to the pandemic
  3. Equipment is auctioned
  4. Auction range is displayed and can be exceeded depending on the highest bid
  5. Pictures are displayed for viewing
  6. Auction start – end, date-time displayed

Where we come in:

  1. Help in checking the functionality and the service history of the equipment
  2. Handle bid on behalf of the client
  3. Logistics – Moving of equipment from warehouse, Storage before shipping, Shipping, etc.

Our charges:

  1. We charge between 20-30% on all activities; Bidding and handling


  1. 50% down payment on the highest bid displayed for the equipment
  2. In case the bid did not go through, a refund of the down payment is made within 48 hours of bid end, less bank charges.


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