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Saturday, May 15, 2021

New Medical Equipment Stock

Desol Medical Solutions have new stock of medical equipment/consumables from the United Kingdom.   Why not visit to view our new stock and place your order NOW!!   Contact Lekan on 08186899594 for more information
Medical Equipment Sales and Lease – Best Quality, Lowest Price We have quality medical devices at lowest prices for you. Why not visit for available stock and prices. So why wait? Place your order now from the above link. Can’t find what...
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Desol Medical Solutions Ltd. is a renowned modern medical equipment sales and services company. We will like to acquaint you with our latest packages and options. Our business options are listed below for doctors, hospitals, clinics, maternity homes and upcoming...
Best offer!! You desire the best offer for medical equipment?   Desol Medical solutions presents the best deals of the year.   Visit our website for more information:   Or call + (234) 818 6899 594

Reasons To Join Longrich

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Looking for Instructors for Medical and Non-Medical courses. Good teaching skills, seasoned and experienced in their field of study. ICT compliant- Power-point etc. Interested? Apply here - For more inquiries, send a mail to
Are you a specialist in the medical field? Are you interested in reviewing and, or attending to special medical cases? Why not visit to register as a specialist. For more inquiries, whats-app 08186899594



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