Cellgevity – 2 Categories That Benefit Greatly

Two categories of people that will benefit greatly from Cellgevity
1. Anyone above 40yrs needs to use Cellgevity for general good health benefits.
2. Anyone who complains about any MEDICAL challenges (not surgical because surgical cases requires surgery.
For anyone who complains of any medical challenge, like Chronic back pain or Migraine headache or Inability to sleep well at night, or wants to boost immune system and so on.
If you experience any of these illnesses and needs to find a solution to it, why not get your pack of Cellgevity now.
Increase your Glutathione levels today with Cellgevity and Activate
Your Body’s Healing Ability.
Price list:
1 bottle #8,000
4 bottles #28,000
6 bottles #39,000
8 bottles #52,000
31 bottles #199,000
Call/Whatapp: 08186899594


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