Bulk SMS – A Marketing Tool For Business

Bulk SMS is one of the most powerful marketing tools for business. This might sound ridiculous and very impossible to some people.
We do know 98% of text messages are opened and read within a few minutes, and this is one of the major reasons organizations choose Bulk SMS as a means of reaching out to customers and staff.
Bulk SMS is accepted worldwide and has the ability to provide information in real-time.
How to wow your customers
1. Information is key. Let your customers know who you are. Use the Sender ID or your business name so as to let your customers know who is sending the message.
2. Make your bulk SMS short and precise. You have only 160 character limit for a page. A one-page SMS is 160 characters and there is no wisdom in exceeding such a limit.
3. You need to catch your customer’s attention by starting your message with words like Promo, Promo Ends Soon, Very Important or Urgent, Sales, etc. This word should be in capital letters.
4. You can also take advantage of time. Send messages towards the date of an event or program. This can be done twice, days before and a day to the event or program depending on the organization.
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