SMS is an effective marketing tool for all businesses because it reaches the consumer on their phones. Between 25-40% of the Nigerians use mobile phones and that’s about 50-80 Million Nigerians. It is also more affordable than other conventional advertising channels.
Bulk SMS service is used by businesses to retain current customers via personalized birthday greetings, payment confirmations, meetings and appointment reminders, promo and sales, etc. It can also be used to promote special offers and events.
Bulk SMS can benefit all types of businesses, such as financial institutions, service companies, hospitality industry, and retail outlets, and many more. The service is used to provide value-added services to customers and to acquire new customers.
In addition, bulk SMS messaging is a cost-effective method of conveying a business’ message to consumers. It is less expensive than direct marketing to let people know about promos and deals. If you can’t afford the costs of direct mailing, then you should consider getting a bulk SMS service. It is cheaper and more effective.
Other benefits include:
1. You can send SMS at any time of the day.
2. You can send as many SMS as you can. No limit to what you can send.
3. The recipient’s phone does not necessarily have to be on but will get the message as soon as the phone is switched on.
4. It is time-saving.
5. Good for informal messages
6. Good for helping friends and family keep in touch

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