Quality is our watchword when it comes to procurement and installation of medical equipment, both small, medium and large hospital/laboratory equipment, we also offer training services on how to use and maintain the machines for optimum usage.
The modern healthcare services have outgrown intellectual abilities in discerning health conditions or the use of archaic and old fashioned systems or methods. It is an era of more dynamic, efficient and sophisticated gadgets capable of doing multiple tasks at a go and requiring little human assistance, this the new era of medicine and healthcare generally.
I enjoin you to join the moving train in setting the standard in healthcare service by purchasing the modern Lab equipment from a trusted and verified vendors such as Desol Medical solutions Limited, a reputable company known for her proficiency and reliability in terms of procuring quality and durable equipment to a lot of healthcare management institutions, such as hospitals, Labs and various teaching hospitals and higher educational hospitals.
Desol Medical Solutions Limited has branches in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, you can reach us via email through or via our website chat us online through the website, you can also contact us on phone: 08186899594.
Follow the link below to view some of our products

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