When it comes to travel, we know that it can be daunting when there are a thousand things to consider and lots and lots of planning to do. There’s a 95% chance that you’re more interested in deciding which new pair of shoes to buy or what type of cold drink to enjoy on the beach..

So, when it comes to booking your flights and knowing what is needed to make the purchase as simple as possible, Travelstart has jotted down all the information you’d need to book your flights online. From deciding if you want an aisle seat to checking where you can pick your tickets up from, let us guide you through this simple process!


Once you’ve decided on which fantastic destination, local or international, you’re already set to book your flights. Booking flights online is easy-peasy, though there are a few things that you will need to have at hand to streamline this exercise.

Flight and passenger details

First things first, to book your flights online, you will need some basic information of the destination you’ll be flying to and information like the exact date you would like to fly to your destination and return home. You will, of course, also need all of your personal details that will appear on your flight ticket. To speed up the booking, it’s a good idea to have all of these details at hand.

  • Trip details – Dates (one way or return), an airline of choice, airports flying to, number of travellers
  • Personal information – Full names (to be spelt exactly as it is in your ID or passport) & date of birth
  • ID number (local flights) or passport number (international flights)
  • Ideal departure times and length of flights
  • Ideal cabin class (Economy / Premium Economy / Business / First Class / Suites)

Domestic flights

In Nigeria, to book a local flight you will only need to enter your ID number, and to board your flight you will need to produce your original ID card and booking reference number. Passengers under 16 years old will need written permission from their parents/guardians and their birth certificate.

If you are flying locally and are a registered licensed driver, you may use this original form of identification to board your flight. Please note that your driver’s license will have to be valid for the dates you intend to fly domestically.

International flights

When flying abroad, you will need to produce your original, valid passport at the check-in counter, as well as any visa that the country you’re flying to may need. Please remember that visas need to be applied for long in advance, so make sure to set plenty of time aside for that.


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Make sure to check the validity of your passport, as you won’t be able to leave the country with an invalid one. Many countries also require that your passport be valid for a period of at least 6 months from the date of return to Nigeria.

Do you need a passport when you book your flights?

No. You will not need to enter your passport number at the online booking stage of your trip, but you will need it when booking flight packages and when you check in for your flight.

If you are applying for a visa, you will need to fill in forms with your passport number, as well as provide a certified copy of it. Make sure to use the exact same spelling as in your passport when booking your flights, as many airlines do not allow, or charge a penalty fee for booking under an incorrectly spelled name.

How to book a flight ticket for someone else

To book a flight for someone else is pretty simple. As with booking flights for yourself, you will need all of their personal information, as well as a list of preferences such as airline choice, preferred time of flight, and things like how much money they would be willing to spend on their flight ticket. Of course, you will also need their consent to book their flights for them.

Once you’ve booked your flights and theirs, you will have the option of emailing them all of the flight details so that they can also have these details.

Paying for your flight

There are numerous ways to pay for your flights! Once you’ve filled in all of your details and are ready to pay, you can use one of these convenient payment options to seal the deal:

  • Online credit/debit card payment
  • Bank Transfer EFT
  • Cash at the Travelstart office
  • POS

To pay for your flight using any online options, you will need to provide the name on the credit or debit card that you’ll be using, the card number and 3-digit CVV code that’s found at the back of the card, as well as the expiration date of the card.

Should you print out your ticket ahead of arriving at the airport?

It is not necessary to print out your flight itinerary and ticket ahead of time. To check in for your flight, all that the airline officials at the airport will need is your form of identification and reference number. For international flights, you will also need to have your passport and any visas with you.

Many international airlines advise passengers to print out electronic tickets ahead of time to avoid long queues at check-in. You can do this if you wish.

There are quite a few international airlines that allow passengers to simply download your boarding pass onto your mobile phone, have it printed out, or easily just mailed to your personal email address.

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