The future of creative professions


Most manual jobs will disappear during our lifetime. Just because automation is part of the unstoppable progress. AI is more efficient than a team of engineers working on construction. AI can analyze massive amounts of data fast, which puts decision making on another level. However, because AI can only rely on the predefined data, it cannot imagine things. This puts the role of creators on top of the technosphere 2.0 pyramid. AI can recreate anything but it doesn’t make things up yet.

The nations that will be inventing what doesn’t exist, will dominate the world.

People remain the greatest force. Every achievement comes from ideation. Even though the focus has shifted on performance, it’s the ideas, assumptions, and dreams that fuel the performance. This is a chance for countries without much resources to surpass the stigma of eternal pursuers.

The materials will eventually end. It will either wage war on those who still have something or will turn the world into a dark feudalistic place. Any type of production has to address people and be run by the people. We can avoid it by keeping politicians out of tech, constantly reinventing new financial paradigms until it works, and by encouraging innocuous creation.

I will finish by quoting Lev Gumilyov on his passionarian ethnogenesis theory:

“The people with an inborn ability to absorb more energy from the environment than they need for development and evolution, give that energy back in form of the dedicated work towards changing that environment.”

The future lies with movers and shakers.


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